12 Best AI Tools For Writers (Industry Secrets Revealed!)

12 Best AI Tools For Writers (Industry Secrets Revealed!)

Are you looking for new ways to streamline your writing process? Are you ready to level up your creativity while keeping your content as original and unique as ever? It may sound too good to be true, but artificial intelligence (AI) has made this dream a reality.

AI writing tools are exploding onto the market, giving writers more freedom and power than ever before – aiding in everything from grammar checks to brainstorming inspiring ideas. So how can AI help make your next project even better? Let’s look at some of the incredible AI tools available today! (We’ll also share a secret platform for hiring virtual assistants to use these tools for you!)

Top AI Writing Tools

From grammar checkers to content generation, AI writing tools can help writers in a variety of ways. Here are seven of the best AI writing tools available today:

Tool #1 – Jasper

Jasper is one of the best AI writing software tools available. It is a powerful tool that can transform your ideas into professional content in minutes. Whether you are creating blog posts, website copy or ad scripts – Jasper is here to help!

I’ve been using Jasper for my freelance writing career and it has increased my productivity by orders of magnitude. This business wouldn’t have been worth it without Jasper.AI. Check out this link for a free trial. It doesn’t get better than this!

What’s unique about Jasper is that it combines two AI-powered writing tools – Headlime and Shortly AI. Thanks to this integration, you can optimize your content for SEO with SurferSEO and even use natural language processing to generate text tailored to your target audience. It also has a powerful plagiarism tool that scans your content for potential issues.

The best part about Jasper? You don’t need coding skills to get the most out of it! Jasper makes it easy to create compelling content without any complex coding knowledge. If you want to see a demo, this page will show you how it all works!

Tool #2 – Grammarly

Grammarly is another great AI-powered writing tool that can help you improve your writing quality and accuracy. With Grammarly, writers can use an advanced grammar checker, spellchecker, and even a plagiarism detector.

Grammarly also offers its users a personalized writing coach that helps them improve their content. The AI-powered tool can provide suggestions on grammar, punctuation, and even sentence structure – all tailored to fit your writing style.

When you use Grammarly, you can trust that your content is accurate, consistent, and free of errors or typos. This makes it an efficient tool for both novice and professional writers alike. Even if you choose not to opt for their paid version, the free version is still powerful enough to help you write better content. However, if you are looking to become a professional writer, you should consider the paid version for maximum efficiency.

Tool #4 – Writesonic

Writesonic is similar to other AI writing tools such as Jasper.ai, however, they are working on a ‘Research Mode’ as well as ‘Workflows’. This might make bulk content creation a lot easier!

If managing a team of writers is where you’re at in your career, you’ll be happy to know that they have a Zapier integration. Zapier is a platform that helps automate processes between different applications. This could make managing your team of writers a breeze – granting you the ability to give feedback, assign tasks, and more, all in one place.

Writesonic also offers AI-enabled content optimization suggestions to help you make sure your content is SEO-friendly. It has a SurferSEO integration which is beyond effective for skyrocketing your rankings. This brings us to the next AI tool for writers…

Tool #5 – SurferSEO

Let’s take a short break from content creation and into SEO optimization (If SEO isn’t required for your endeavors, feel free to skip to tool #7). SEO is an important part of any online content strategy that is looking for more organic traffic from search engines, and SurferSEO is the perfect AI-powered tool to help you get there

SurferSEO is a powerful AI-powered SEO platform that helps you optimize your content for better search engine visibility. You can use their keyword research tool to find the most relevant keywords for your content, optimize the length and structure of your article, or even create a better title for your piece.

With SurferSEO, you can trust that your content is SEO-friendly and set up for success. It shows you exactly how many times to enter a keyword into your article and even suggests phrases to use in the body of the content through NLP machine learning. SurferSEO is an excellent choice if you want to take your SEO game to the next level.

Tool #6 – MarketMuse

MarketMuse is another tool that writers can use to create better content. It uses AI to analyze web data, providing the information and insights you need to create content that will draw in organic search traffic. Market Muse also provides an auto-complete feature, which can help generate ideas quickly, giving users a jump start on their writing process.

MarketMuse focuses on helping its users create compelling content strategies. It does this by analyzing the web data and providing suggestions on optimizing content, such as suggesting keywords and topics that could be essential in driving organic search traffic. This helps writers craft articles more likely to be read since they’re tailored to readers’ wants.

It’s a powerful SEO tool but can be pricey. Alternatives such as SurferSEO are more affordable and offer similar features for a fraction of the price. Both tools use SERP analysis to help SEO specialists and content writers create with their topical authority (coverage of many topics within a given niche).

Now, let’s move on from SEO to human writing editing tools. A majority of the team’s AI writing tools are so efficient that humans cannot tell the difference. But, if you want extra assurance, you can use the human editing tools listed below (#7 and #8).

Tool #7 – SudoWrite

SudoWrite is revolutionizing how creative writers and content marketers develop ideas. It is an artificial intelligence (AI) writing tool that helps you create new ideas and rewrite existing content into something fresh. It can also add more words when needed and generate new concepts.

It’s also easy to use, making it appealing to experienced writers and beginners seeking assistance with their content creation process. If you are a creative storyteller and would like to enhance your novels or short stories, SudoWrite is a great tool.

It can also help you generate ideas quickly and improve the engagement of your storytelling. For example, you can make a text more descriptive via the senses. For example, you can get the tool to explain what the setting smelled like or describe the vibrancy of a love interest.

If you’d like an extra 10,000 AI Words in your account, visit this link: SudoWrite (This bonus isn’t available otherwise). This is an author’s essential…

“I was able to create a 500+ word short story in just a few minutes.” – Emilia Rose, USA Today Bestselling author

You can also use SudoWrite to edit and refine existing content. It checks your work for grammatical errors and common spelling mistakes, as well as for plagiarism. Also, it provides you with word choice suggestions to improve your writing style.

Furthermore, SudoWrite can help you condense and rephrase your content to be more concise and powerful at the same time. So, it’s an all-in-one platform for those that are looking to create literature and not just sales copy or blog content.

Tool #8 – Writer.com

Writer is a cutting-edge AI writing tool that helps writers stay on the same page across an organization. With Writer, writers can get real-time suggestions and guidance to ensure that their content adheres to brand guidelines and compliance rules. Not only does this save time for the writer, but it can also help reduce errors and inconsistencies in content across departments.

Unlike other tools, Writer uses natural language processing (NLP) to provide highly accurate writing suggestions. Writers can also take advantage of Writer’s advanced search capabilities to find relevant content quickly, as well as its ability to track changes in documents from beginning to end.

“It’s a huge competitive advantage to have strong writing and brand consistency across every customer touchpoint and Writer helps us do that.” – Rich Jones (Lead Content Designer at Vistaprint)

With their free AI writing check tool, you can see the percentage of detectable AI writing within a given text. It is a great way to check if your content reads naturally or if it is exhibiting AI language patterns. Also, Writer simplifies the process of writing for multiple channels. It can automatically publish content to various social media platforms, websites, and newsletters with just a few clicks. This helps writers create content for different audiences faster and more efficiently.

Tool #9 – Rytyr

Rytyr is quickly becoming the go-to AI writing tool for content creators. It makes the process of creating engaging, accurate content easier and faster by leveraging artificial intelligence to do most of the heavy lifting. With Rytyr, users can create articles that capture their audience’s attention and drives more clicks to their website or blog. 

Rytyr has several features that make it stand out from other AI writing tools. For one, the platform’s algorithms are constantly updated to ensure that the content created is always accurate and fresh. Additionally, Rytyr can provide advice on how to improve your writing style in an automated way. Thus, allowing users to strengthen their skills and create better content over time. 

Tool #10 – Anyword

Anyword is the leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing tool for marketers and sales teams. It makes it easy to create a high-quality, human-sounding copy with just a few clicks. This AI tool uses its data and multiple language models to generate content that reads as if an experienced writer wrote it.

With their innovative predictive performance score, you will see how effective your content is in real-time. This helps writers to make sure their content is hitting the right notes with their target audience. When it comes to marketing to a specific demographic, the tone and style of the content are crucial to its success. Anyword helps you maximize the effectiveness of your content by recognizing important nuances in the language used.

What’s excellent about Anyword is that anyone can use it, regardless of their level of technical expertise. The platform provides easy-to-understand instructions on how to use the software. Even more, it also allows users to customize the content they generate according to their needs. 

Another benefit that Anyword offers is its ability to generate content quickly. This can be especially helpful for marketers who need to create a copy on tight deadlines or sales teams that want to boost their efficiency. Thus, ensuring that its users will receive all the help that they need.

Tool #11 – Eilla.ai

Eilla is a powerful AI writing tool designed to help business owners create content quickly and easily. With its integration of advanced artificial intelligence, it can create content that is tailored to the needs of your business.

Their packages are customized to fit the needs of every professional From sales and marketing to HR and consulting, the software allows you to create blog posts, emails, sales copy, social media messages, and much more in just a matter of seconds.

The AI technology of Eilla is also paired with art creation to allow you to enhance your content. So, you don’t have to spend hours finding a stock image that fits your content, or working through formatting issues. Eilla will take your text and automatically create attractive visuals to help bring your content to life. From there, you can even edit the AI-generated art for exact customization.

Eilla is an impressive AI writing tool and makes this list because of its commitment to consistent improvements on its platform. Try out their services today and see how their AI technology could benefit your business.

Tool #12 – OnlineJobs.PH

This final AI writing platform isn’t a writing tool in itself, but it is a tool that can connect you with exceptional writers. It is one that many writers might find useful for finding assistants for tasks such as proofreading, editing, or even bulk content creation.

OnlineJobs.PH is an online job platform that connects writers and content creators with employers from all over the world. It features a vast database of writers and other freelancers who are available for hire.

The platform also provides a variety of tools that employers can use to find the right content writer for their projects. These tools include a search engine, ratings and reviews system, portfolio showcase, and more. I used this platform to create my writing team.

I have an excellent content creator who uses either Jasper or Eilla AI to make sure that my content is always on-point. From there, I edit and add images or have my team do it for me. This has enabled me to focus on the overall strategy of the writing business and also saves time on many repetitive tasks.

Not only does OnlineJobs.PH makes it easy to find the right writer for your project but you can also pay them extremely competitive rates. This platform is a great option for any business that is looking to save time and money. You can subscribe for a month and then cancel if your team is done scaling.

Feel free to check out OnlineJobs.PH to find your perfect content writer today. I even managed to get a 50% off discount for you: YWBNRK50 but it’s only available for a limited time and for the first person that uses it. Invest in your business and begin to delegate for an ROI of time and money! (Failure to delegate/outsource is a common reason why businesses fail…)

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”. – Martha Goedert



AI can help you improve your writing skills and become a better writer. While some people may be apprehensive about using AI, there is no need to be. These are the best AI tools for writers and they’re designed to help you, not replace you. So why not give them a try? You may be surprised at just how much they can help you improve your writing.




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